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Like Book Club, But For Podcasts - October
10-18-18 6:30 pm - Boise Code Works
Like Book Club, but for Podcasts

Ever had that moment when you've been listening to a great podcast and just wanted to share it with somebody? That's what this club is all about. We meet each month to discuss a set of curated podcasts on a theme. October's theme is "The Sharing...

Monthly Meet and Greet
10-18-18 6:30 pm - Boise Code Works
Boise Trials and Trail Riders

Things are settling down so lets make this work!  Hope a few of you can all make it and I hope to have this the 3rd Thursday of every month so we can get togather, talk bikes and plan some rides.  - Jonathon

Azure Blockchain Workbench with Ethereum PoA ledger
10-18-18 6:30 pm - Boise Code Works
Boise .NET Developers User Group

Scott Nichols will give a primer on the various technologies involved in setting up a consortium based Ethereum proof of authority (PoA) blockchain. In addition, he will review the off-chain technologies Microsoft has developed (demo Blockchain...

Hello world!

November 27th, 2012 by Deborah Holmes

Welcome to ZillowPress Sites. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!


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